We’re fast approaching the seasons where the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. We hate to talk about the fact summers more or less over as much as the next person but the reality is that it presents us with the opportunity to health check our home security and hopefully avoid needing a 24-hour locksmith.

1. Complete a security audit

There is no limit to the number of times you should complete an audit of your home security. Once you are in a routine of doing it regularly you will know what to look out for and it won’t take as long. Make sure locks are working including windows and rear access doors and contact your local locksmith in Cambridgeshire if in any doubt.

2. Lighting
You may have already noticed the days are getting shorter and the sun is retreating earlier. This also means our homes plummet into darkness earlier & lack of light can be a clear indication to thieves that no one is home. Some smart homes now allow you to turn your lights on from your phone but a simple timer or outdoor sensor light will create the same impact of activity in your home.

3. Cable Management

If someone were to case your house, they would not only be looking at what you own but what security you have in place. Exposed cables can be a clear indication of a poorly installed security system and present vulnerabilities that a burglar might take advantage of. Take the time before the days get too short to assure all cables relating to the security of your property are properly managed, secure & functioning.

4. Make a list and check it twice

It might be a little early for Christmas puns but knowing what’s in your house is a must should the worst happen. As the holiday season approaches many of us will be investing in gifts for our nearest and dearest. We’ve heard too many horror stories of presents being stolen in the run up to Christmas leaving people completely helpless. Keep an inventory, even if only on a note on your phone, of all your valuables. This will be key in minimising stress should the worst happen.

5. Neighbourhood’s stick together

It may seem like an old fashioned cliché now but the neighbourhood watch is one of the oldest and best ways to keep your property and the homes surrounding you safe. As fall and winter approach the weather can provide more opportunity for illegal activity but burglars are less likely to hit a neighbourhood that sticks together.

6. New Technologies

We live in a wonderful era where technology is becoming more inexpensive and the devices on offer to protect our homes are in abundance. Whether it’s night vision CCTV, motion detectors or intruder alarms, most now have the ability to work with your home network and notify you directly, backing up a strong set of locks perfectly. The lost key game has also been changed by the advent of new simple technologies that can alert you when you are a certain distance from your keys as a result of misplacing them or send out an audio or visual alert to help you locate them. No more losing your keys in the dark! Investing now could save you time and money in the future.

While in an ideal world you’d never need a 24-hour emergency locksmith, we’d also advise you save our number (01353 930 139) in your phone should your property need resecuring at short notice. Equally, if you find yourself locked out we’re here to help!