If you’ve encountered a broken window on your property, it can be a stressful experience. But there are measures you can immediately take to ensure your property is safe and secure before a boarding-up service arrives.

Whether it be a large front room window or a panel on your door, a broken window can occur at any time – and it could be as a result of a break-in. For more information and guidance, do read our blog post on what to do if you suffer a break-in.

For now, however, here are our steps for actions you can take should you discover a broken window.

Tape and bin bags

You may see this more commonly with car windows as you drive home: a quick, temporary measure to secure your window from further damage and protect the inside from harsh weather is with good, strong tape (such as duct tape rather than parcel tape or sellotape) and a black bin liner page.

Cover the broken area with several layers of sturdy black bin bags (or if you do not have that to hand, plastic carrier bags also work) and tape the bags into place. This also prevents passers by to look into your property.

Cardboard and tape

An alternative method to using black bin liners is cardboard – be it from a storage box you have spare or even a cereal box – several layers can help protect your property. It’s a far superior option to newspaper, as even with several layers, could be easily damaged by water or ripped through. There will also be a less likelihood of holes with cardboard.

Wood and nails

This is a more extreme measure, but wise if you have the utilities to hand – especially if you are going to be vacating the property for a long period of time (for holiday or work) and no one will be able to monitor its safety.

Should you have any thin wood (and not plywood), it would serve well to board up your window with it – even as an initial measure until a boarding-up service can attend your property. Using a staple gun or nails will help secure the wood to the windows’ frame, but be sure they can also be removed when needed (from the inside) with relative ease.

Speak to an expert

The above listed are only quick, temporary measures for the coming hours. To ensure your property is safe and secure following a broken window, your safest bet is to contact window boarding experts such as Cathedral Locksmiths. That way, you can rest in the knowledge that all measures necessary and possible have been taken to prevent further damage. Similarly, your window will be boarded up securely enough until you are able to get your window replaced by a specialist.

Cathedral Locksmiths offer fast, efficient and secure boarding up services to ensure your property is safe until permanent fixes can be implemented. This includes the securing and boarding up of any access point of your property: Contact us today for more information and a free quote.