One of our most frequently asked questions here at Cathedral Locksmiths is, “how much will a locksmith cost me?”. Read our guide which offers an overview of how locksmiths bill work, and the associated callout charges.

To offer a definitive price of locksmith services before arriving at your property is difficult to offer a customer. This is because until the locksmith is at your door and can begin to assess the job at hand, he cannot offer a quotation other than the call out fee.

However, a good locksmith, or here at Cathedral Locksmiths, we supply a quotation on arrival and offer a price promise guarantee. This ensures we only offer the most competitive prices and guarantee this price will not change from the initial quote. Additionally, all our work is guaranteed for 3 full years – meaning if you have another lock fault you won’t be charged!

What Affects Locksmith Prices?

There are several factors that play a role in the price you pay for a locksmith, however, the most common can be categorized as the type of locksmith service required, parts/ tools required and the time frame to complete work.

Type of Service Required

The type of locksmith service required is a key factor which will contribute to the price paid. For the large majority of locksmiths, they will use a fixed price system where you pay a call out charge to attend a property – and inflate it much further for an Emergency Locksmith. Whereas here at Cathedral Locksmiths, we believe in transparency with customers. That’s why we don’t charge extra for an emergency call out and our lock changes/ repairs simply start at £25!

Parts and Equipment Required

Cathedral Locksmiths will only replace your lock when it is totally necessary – we always try to fix! However,  in cases where we cannot fix this is usually because the door locking system has snapped, or if cylinders are beyond repair. The type of door that you have, will be dependant on the lock your door system uses. This means that we can only fix your door with the matching lock. However, we have an extensive range of lock types available from mortice, code, smart, window, garage and so much more readily available all at a great price!


Finally, and the most obvious, is time! Depending on the size of the job this will affect the time. For example, if you only have one lock to change due to a broken key, this will be far quicker than replacing a whole house of locks. at Cathedral Locksmiths, our team of experts work fast and effectively. Typically speaking it takes us about 20minutes to 40 minutes to gain entry, and change the lock without causing damage.

Cathedral Locksmiths Pricing Guide

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Local locksmith prices

We hope that we’ve covered everything about how much it costs to change locks, but For more information on local locksmith prices, please view our pricing page or alternatively get in touch with one of our specialist locksmith team members who will be more than happy to help.

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