When there is an emergency and you need an emergency locksmith it is only normal to look for a national call centre locksmith – but is that really the best option? Should you be searching for a local locksmith that can help you?

Perhaps you have got home from a long day at work and found that you can’t find your house keys and you have no way of getting in your home? Maybe you have just got back from a wonderful holiday, but you return to find your home has broken into.

At awful times like this, you need the help of a 24-hour locksmith. In this blog post, we explain why an independent local Cambridge locksmith will be a lot better than a national call centre locksmith at your time of emergency and need.

Independent Local Locksmiths

  • It may sound obvious, but the biggest benefit of a local locksmith is that they are local. This means they will be able to offer a much quicker response time to rescue you. Due to less travel time, and the fact they will be from a smaller company, they will have lower overheads and be able to provide a cost-effective service.
  • You’ll also find that your local locksmith provides a more honest service because they are really part of the business. When a local emergency locksmith comes to your rescue, they are representing themselves, so they will provide an honest service.
  • Local locksmiths like Cathedral Locksmiths will always be available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because it is their business. These locksmiths genuinely care about you, their business and their reputation.

National Call Centre Locksmith

  • The issue with a call centre locksmith is that while they may have emergency locksmith available, they may not be 24-hour locksmiths. You will often find there is not an emergency locksmith available in your area which means you’ll be waiting a while. They will also be more expensive as they have higher overheads, and a team of call centre staff to pay.
  • Unfortunately, when you deal with call centres, you often get a poor level of service and minimal knowledge too. Unlike when you call a local 24-hour locksmith you may get the advice of things you can do in the meantime, a call centre won’t have that knowledge or expertise, they’ll just send a locksmith to your home.

We don’t like to wish bad luck on anyone, but we do want to be here for you if the worst happens. Why not save our number in your phone now 01353930139. Then, if you ever need an emergency locksmith you know exactly where to come!