Are you moving into a new home? Whether it is a new build property or the property is just new to you, it’s wise to err on the side of caution and replace the locks and keys. Ensure you are safe in your new property with Cathedral Locksmiths and our lock changing service.

We get contacted a lot by property buyers regarding their locks and wanting them changed. Buying a property, starting your new home, is a very exciting time – but never overlook the basics. You’re handed a set or two of keys and you’re in – and not to sound pessimistic, but you don’t know how many other copies of those keys are about.

Replace your Locks and Keys

If you’re happy with your new home, and are certain you will be there for some time, it’s a wise investment to look at changing your locks and keys. See it as the same change as changing the tyres of your car – at times, you need to update; and you need to improve your security should the chance arise.

Keys can be damaged from constant use, or become weak; the last thing you would want is to be caught locked out of your home due to the key breaking in the door. You also want to be sure that your locks are strong and sturdy – you do not know how long they’ve been in place prior to your purchase.

Whether it is your front door, back door, side doors, conservatory or windows – we offer a range of services to help secure your new home. Did we mention our availability and prices are unrivalled?

If you have just moved into a new property or are looking at doing so, contact us today or give us a call on 01353 93013 for a free quote. We can guarantee to help turn your new dream house into your dream home.